Open Mumps is an implementation of the Mumps/M standard by Kevin C. O’Kane of the University of of Northern Iowa. The new version is compatible with Ubuntu 20.04, but runs also on Ubuntu 18.04.

This article is part of the Mumps/M language series, make sure to go back to the main page for further reading.

Downloading Open Mumps

The project’s page is accessible via the following link. Download the source code using this link, then follow the steps that illustrate compiling and using the database.

Setting up the database

Once the source file downloaded, un-tar it and change to it. The folder has the database’s source code a make file, you can run ./mums to trigger the interactive mode:

Open Mumps interactive mode
interactive mode

Alternatively, you can write code in an external file and run it through the interpreter. First, create a file named “hello.mps”, with the following content:

	s message="Hello world"
	w message,!

You can then run the file using the following command, the result displays on the terminal:

./mumps hello.mps

You are now able to run basic commands in the newly created environment/database. In order to quit, you need to type in “halt” and that would exit the session.

This interpreter seems to be the simplest and the one reflecting the oldest implementation of the m technology. it seems to be maintained pretty well and updated regularly.

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