Introducing Caché

Intersystems caché is probably the DBMS you’ve never heard of. Well it’s basically an implementation of the original M language (MUMPS – Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System). It was designed back in 1966 for the healthcare industry, and the latter is still it’s main playing field. 

This article is part of a series of tutorials on Intersystems Caché. The summary can be found on this page.

Installing Caché

Intersystems Caché is an implementation of the MUMPS engine. The installation process is quite simple, you start by downloading the package from the Intersystems website (

Once downloaded, change into the package directory and run:

sudo ./cinstall 

Caché installation 1

In my case, I have a previously installed instance, now I’ll have to enter a new instance name. I’ll just go with : CACHEDEMO

Then chose an installation directory

The other options will go as follows :

  • Installation type : development 
  • Restriction level : minimal
  • User group : staff
  • License key : none (for the purpose of this guide)

If all the settings are OK for you, hit enter to proceed :

installation 2
installation 3
installation 4

In the end, an URL you will be printed for you to access the management portal. If you browse to that link, you should be able to see the management portal, and that means the installation was a success. Congratulations !

Intersystems Caché portal

Shutting down the Caché instance

Shutting down the caché instance is simple, just run :


Caché shutdown

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